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You are inspired by fostering relationships and encountering moments shared with groups of people. Time with a friend or even the energy of hosting a party speaks to our soul. You are renewed and revived by gathering together: at times it is the small and intimate ones that exude a sense of the Divine. In other gatherings, it is the celebration of the crowd that has formed in our home or at the bar that we find a sense of God among the low roar of interaction. And it is not just the gathering together of many that speaks to your soul — it may very well be the one on one moments that draw you to the table. If you are more singular in your connections, you may be the one who takes time to send that note of encouragement and are thoroughly shaped by receiving such notes. You remember the happenings, struggles, and celebrations of others and join in with them. You enjoy hosting and being hosted. It may not only be about the people, but also the preparation for such engagement. The cooking of meals, the creative invitations, and even the unglamorous part of hosting hasn’t dulled us to the nearness of God in such moments.

You hear the call of God as you imagine Jesus sitting at the table, transforming water to wine, and even offering himself as the meal—body as bread, blood as wine. The Gospel — the Good News — is that all are welcome at the feast, both for the intimate interactions around the meal and the need to extend the table, adding chairs to make room for all.

He sat down at the table with them. Taking the bread, he blessed and broke and gave it to them. At that moment, open-eyed, wide-eyed, they recognized him. – Luke 24:30 MSG



  • Do you sense a unique kind of energy with interactions with others?
  • Do the words of others carry a weight or power that encourages you deeply?
  • Do you see God in the intimate talks you have with others?
  • Do you also see God in the crowd—the gathering of people together?
  • Do you see food (the preparation of, the creation of dishes, and/or the offering of) as a way to show others your affection, a means to gather people, and/or a meaningful part of sharing life?
  • Does faith, for you, get expressed in relationship?
  • Does the “ideal church” gather together regularly in both intimate and larger moments together?
  • While you love so many things about Convergence 😉 you are especially drawn to the way you see God in our parties, community meals, and any kind of gathering together.


– by scott scrivner




In what ways do you most naturally encounter God?

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