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You may be an old soul. Traditions and regular rhythms are a means to the Divine. You are energized by the words and symbols of the faith—both ancient and new. You find a sense of refreshment in a passage, a blog post, or a verse that you memorized as a child. You are keenly aware of your need for silence, for prayer, and for time alone. You seek moments to be alone with your thoughts, or at least to notice and affirm a word or image that inspires you for the day. Passages of scripture seem to buzz with Divine reverberation within you. Journaling or at least making mental notes about how the day has gone or how you hope the day will go is valuable time spent to you. Your bookshelf, or kindle, is full of books on prayer and the importance of being present.

You find comfort in the rituals and symbols of the faith. The cross. The dove. The ashes. The candles. Singing the benediction. Taking communion. These all provide a level of comfort you associate with Christ. You are embraced by God as you participate in any of these practices. When you think and talk of faith, you most commonly use intimate language, a kind of spiritual/relational mix of metaphors.

I saw the Master sitting on a throne—high, exalted!—and the train of his robes filled the Temple. Angel-seraphs hovered above him, each with six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two their feet, and with two they flew. And they called back and forth one to the other,
Holy, Holy, Holy is God-of-the-Angel-Armies.
His bright glory fills the whole earth . . .
I said, “Doom! It’s Doomsday!
I’m as good as dead!
Every word I’ve ever spoken is tainted—
blasphemous even!
And the people I live with talk the same way,
using words that corrupt and desecrate.
And here I’ve looked God in the face!
The King! God-of-the-Angel-Armies!”
Then one of the angel-seraphs flew to me. He held a live coal that he had taken with tongs from the altar. He touched my mouth with the coal and said,
“Look. This coal has touched your lips.
Gone your guilt,
your sins wiped out.” – Isaiah 6 MSG


  • Do you see time alone with God as an invitation?
  • Do you mostly refer to the relational aspect of Christ? the nearness of God in the intimacy of contemplative practices?
  • Does prayer seem second nature?
  • Do you see God in the pages of Scripture?
  • Do practices that lead you to “step away” from life actually help you enter life more engaged?
  • Do words like “awareness” “being present” and “intimate” describe your hope for faith?
  • Does the ancient-ness of the faith give you a sense of roots within Christianity?
  • Does faith, for you, get expressed in prayer and symbols?
  • Does the “ideal church” quietly revere for “the Holy” that is both intimate and other?
  • While you love so many things about Convergence 😉 you are especially drawn to the way you see God in our observation of the calendar, communion, contemplative practices, and the reading of Scripture.


– by scott scrivner




In what ways do you most naturally encounter God?

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