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Listen to ‘Finally’ by Gungor.  You can wait for multiple people to listen together—and continue through the station solo.

Call me back into the silence

Into the sunlight

Every breath a standing defiance

Of death and of clamor

Let darkness be scattered now



Here in the free

We could just be



We’ll chase the sun

Naked we’ll run

We could be free



I’ll be here waiting in silence

Waiting for sunlight

To make all the world shine bright



All the stars fall in line

And the seas bow their heads

We remember our dead and we sing   

   another day

As the silence it grows and the 

   worlds fade away

All the sons empty their graves

We will sing another day

We’ll sing another day


What does it mean to you to simply BE? 

Is it about authenticity?  Is it about freedom?  Is it about happiness?  Is it about circumstances going your way?


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.30.50 AM



Write a sentence or two on what it means to just, BE.



Reflect on the moments you felt most free, most able to just BE, in the past year.


We often get BE-ing twisted—-it’s often bound to our DO-ing or even our SURROUND-ings.  You see how that’s all external, right?  It’s what we put out there in the world—-and it’s what encompasses us.  But this isn’t where meaning, where BE-ing is fueled.


God desires for us to he the persons we were created to be: to be simply and purely ourselves, and in this state to love God and to let ourselves be loved by God. It is a double journey, really: finding God means allowing ourselves to he found by God. And finding our true selves Means allowing God to find and reveal our true selves to us. – James Martin, Becoming Who You Are


Were you free to BE in the past year?  Or were you “bound” in the DO-ings and SURROUND-ings of life?


Martin writes, “an unfreedom (is) anything that would keep me from growing more as a loving person.”  


What unfreedoms do you encounter?  What creates an expectation that “when this happens (SURROUND-ings) . . .” or “when I accomplish (DO-ings) . . .” “I will be happy (or free)”?


List your unfreedoms here . . .



Peter Rollins points out that true “orthodoxy” is linked not to a belief about the world but about a way of being in the world—a true-ness of self is needed.


Pray that your 2014 will be a year where, just maybe, you would have a sense of freedom to BE . . . Finally.





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